Save With Rayne

Choosing Rayne Can Save You Money!

Save With Rayne: Our Water Softeners Can Save You Money!

Our water systems will save you money from the moment you begin to use them. The following chart demonstrates the savings you can get from using a Rayne Water Softener:

Rayne Water Softener Savings for a Family of Four

Hardness Level Estimated Annual Savings for Cleaning
Estimated Annual Savings for Clothing
& Washables
Estimated Annual Savings for Appliances
& Plumbing
Estimated Annual Savings for Water Heater Fuel Total Savings per Year
10 $1,176.00 $126.00 $84.00 $18.00 $1,414.00
20 $1293.60 $138.60 $92.40 $20.00 $1,564.60
30 $1422.96 $152.46 $101.64 $22.00 $1,729.06

*Based upon average monthly grocery bill of $600.00, with monthly cleaning product bill of $122.50.

Hard water leaves noticeable spots on all sorts of surfaces in your home. It leaves scale around fixtures, clogs pipes, water heaters and plumbing – all while reducing the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. When it comes to your personal comfort, hard water also causes dry, itchy skin and brittle hair. All told, the cost of hard water to the average home is substantial.

Rayne Water Softening Systems prevent hard water damage to your plumbing, your water heater and other major appliances so that they actually last longer. Softened water actually significantly reduces the amount of soap, detergents and cleaners you use – by as much as 75%!

When you add it up, a Rayne water softener system could save you and your family thousands of dollars each year.


How Drinking Water Systems Can Save You Money

With a Rayne Drinking Water System, you never have to buy expensive bottled water again – or carry heavy water bottles home from the store!

Sadly, Americans spent over 10 billion dollars on bottled water in 2006 (Source: Beverage Marketing Corporation). With a Rayne Drinking Water System you could have up to 50 gallons a day of healthy, great-tasting water right at their kitchen sink.

How much did you spend in bottles water last year? As well as being incredibly convenient, a Rayne home drinking water system could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Drinking Water System Savings for a Family of Four

# of Bottles Used per Day
(Based on 16 Ounce Size Bottles)
Savings per Month* Savings per
4 $30.42 $365.00
6 $45.63 $547.50
8 $60.83 $730.00

*Average cost calculates to $0.25 per bottle (16 ounce bottle).

When it comes to your water, Rayne delivers.