De-Ionized Water

Rayne of Fullerton delivers
De-Ionized Water

High Purity, De-ionized Water

For the client with specialized applications, where high purity water is required such as Deionized (DI) water, Rayne of Fullerton can meet those needs. At Rayne, we know that for our specialty water clients, speedy delivery and attention to detail are usually crucial. Your phone calls and deliveries are given priority by our staff to make sure that your business is not interrupted because of water that is not suitable for your use.

Some of the applications that use our de-ionized water systems include:

  1. Plating Processes
  2. Circuit Board Manufacturing
  3. Laboratory Analysis
  4. Water-based Coolants
  5. Printing Processes
  6. Car Washing
  7. Film Processing
  8. Window Washing
  9. Aerospace Component Manufacturing

The Professionals at Rayne of Fullerton can provide relief from your high-purity water headaches. If you are unhappy with your current vendor for Mixed Bed, Dual Bed, or Multiple Bed DI Water Tank Delivery Service; or you just want to see the Rayne service difference for yourself, then give us a call.

    de-ionized water for businesses


    We currently service many high purity water applications using combinations of the following technologies:

    • Mixed Bed DI Water Tank Service
    • Dual Bed DI WaterTank Service
    • Multiple Bed DI Service
    • Particulate Filtration
    • UV Sterilization Units
    • Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems
    • De-mineralizers
    • Re-circulating Systems
    • Water Purity Monitors

    When it comes to your water, Rayne delivers.