Commercial Water Coolers

from Rayne of Fullerton

Water Coolers for Your Business

Rayne of Fullerton offers Commercial Water Coolers for your Office … the perfect way to get hot and cold drinking water at the touch of your finger. In addition, they are easy to install and are available for a low monthly cost.

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Office Water Coolers: A Healthier Alternative

Rayne Artesian water coolers

Rayne Bottleless
Commercial Water Cooler


  • Hot & cold drinking water at the touch of your finger
  • No heavy bottles to lift, store, or disrupt your business with deliveries
  • Save 25% to 50% over bottled water
  • Low monthly cost
  • Regular scheduled filter changes
  • Help save our environment – reduce plastic bottles in our landfills

    When it comes to your water, Rayne delivers.