Portable Exchange Di-Ionized Water Service

Mixed Bed DI Tank Service

When very high quality water is required for a specific application - usually nothing else will do. At Rayne we offer pure water DI systems for beverage, manufacturing and medical testing/ laboratory applications. These portable pure water solutions can be set up in dual or mixed bed configurations.

UV, sub-micron filtration and ultra-high purity re-circulation loop installations can be employed to deliver the quality you need on a consistent basis.

Dual Bed DI Tank Service

A Dual Bed DI System is an ideal solution when service run capacity is important. The water produced with the Dual Bed DI Process is high quality and is suitable for many applications. The increased capacity of Dual Bed DI is the big bonus as it helps to control cost.

If you have a non-critical pure water application, a Dual Bed DI set up may be just the solution that you have been looking for. Call Rayne today and find out if Dual Bed DI is right for your business.

Multiple Bed DI Tank Service

We also offer Multiple Bed Systems for higher capacities and water purity. Multiple Bed DI provides higher quality water with more capacity to meet most water quality specifications.

Call Rayne today and see how our staff of experts can simplify your operation, save money and deliver reliable supply of high quality water for your specialized application.