Effects of Hard Water

Hard Water Can Cause a Headache For Homeowners

Effects of Hard Water

While most of us rarely think about the water we use in our home, have you ever wondered, is your water too hard? Soft enough? Or for that matter, what exactly is hard water?

And while most people may not know what hard water is, they probably noticed some of the symptoms:

  • Calcified bathroom fixtures and stained sinks
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Dingy and worn clothing
  • Dull, limp hair
  • Spotted dishes, glasses and silverware
  • Clogged pipes, water heaters and plumbing
  • Soaps that won't lather well or rinse off

Now that you know about the problem, let Rayne provide the solution.

At Rayne, we have been solving hard water problems in homes like yours for over 75 years. Our systems are built to last and designed to give you and your family soft, luxurious water that will save you money from the moment you begin to use it.

Contact your local Rayne Dealer today for a free in-home water purity test and to see which system is best for you.